Hampstead Norreys Parish Council clerk, is notified from West Berks Council when a Planning Application is coming through. The Clerk will book the room at the Village Hall and ask the Parish Councillors to indicate if they can attend. We need a quorum of 3. 

Planning Meetings will be put on the Council Notice Board and this website

The choice is:

  • No objections.
  • Object: The Parish Council Chairman must be prepared to attend the Western Area Planning Committee in Newbury to explain his reasons.
  • Support: as above.

If you wish to find the application on WBC Website (Planning Application Search)


In order to make a good decision when looking at Plans, the following might be helpful:

  1. General Residential: the affect the proposal will have on neighbouring properties. Ease of access. Does the proposal take the light from neighbours? Can you see into the neighbours upstairs windows? Will it cause any highway problems? Are there any landscaping plans that do not suit? Local knowledge on flooding or drainage problems? Wildlife issues? Trees and tree preservation orders. Noise?
  2. New Property: is the proposal within the identified settlement area of the Village? Is it to replace a demolished building? The design of the new proposed building – is it in keeping? The size of the building – is it acceptable in the surrounding area?
  3. Extensions: the design of the new extension – does it fit in with existing structure? The size relative to the existing dwelling? Can it be seen from the road? Is it too big? Is it in a plot that is in keeping with other near dwellings?
  4. No new proposal shall abut on the side of adjacent property, making it semi-detached. This includes a garage.
  5. Commercial, tele-masts etc. what affect will they have on the Parish?

More planning guidelines, when you are considering Planning Applications

From the Chairman of the Parish Council

  • Overshadowing - overlooking and loss of privacy
  • Adequate parking and servicing Overbearing nature of proposal
  • Loss of trees - loss of ecological habitats
  • Design and appearance - Layout and density of buildings
  • Effect on Listed Building(s) and conservation areas
  • Access and Highways safety - Traffic generation
  • Noise and disturbance from the scheme
  • Disturbance from smells - Flood risk
  • Public visual amenity (not loss of private individual’s view)
  • Location is outside the settlement boundary

As Hampstead Norreys and most of its surrounding villages are in the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, this is probably relevant.

Examples of issues the local planning authority cannot normally consider as a material planning consideration:

  • Loss of value to private individual property - Loss of view
  • Boundary disputes including encroachment of foundations or gutters
  • Private covenants or agreements
  • The applicant’s personal conduct or history. The applicant’s motives
  • Potential profit for the applicant or from the application.
  • Private rights to light - private rights of way
  • Damage to property - disruption during construction phase
  • Time taken to do the work. Loss of trade and competitors
  • Age, health, status, background and work patters of the objector.
  • Capacity of private drains Building and structural techniques.
  • Alcohol or gaming licences

Note: A letter with 2 signatures is considered to be a single comment. It is better for the 2 individuals to write one letter EACH.